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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


the artist during an interview (

brooklyn - for another artist, the collaboration with louis vuitton on the murakami bags a few years back would have been a career high. but not for takashi murakami. the abstract artist (could be wrong in giving him this label)
an example of murakami's work. (

seems to have gone from strenght to strength ever since. his brilliant career is enjoying yet another high point: a retrospective of his work at the brooklyn museum of art. the exhibition will feature over ninety pieces of his. louis vuitton has signed on to have a pop-up retail store at the exhibition.
an upclose as the vuitton pattern that made the murakami vuitton bag a must have. (

kanye west has already signed on to perform a mini-concert while none other than jay-z has signed on as co-chair of the event. this is not murakami's first brush with the stars though. during his restrspective debut in los angeles this past october, celebs like marc jacobs, linda evangelista and tom ford all showed up.

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