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Sunday, February 10, 2008


london - so the title is slightly misleading, this was actually last weekend! i had a blast. i was celebrating quitting a project - go figure! so i decided to take the weekend off and hang out with my b.f.f's in london. check out the pics. for more on my life in london check out my blog:
i snapped this photo on my way to the tate modern museum which is within walking distant of my flat. i found it interesting that the workers are literally laying fresh green grass - like a carpet - on the ground.

the weavettes! that would be me, laila and serwaa in the first pic. and serwaa, laila and me in the second pic on the right. we met up after my brief trip to the tate to see the london philharmonic (below) and have an excellent meal at a ghanian restaurant in london called manjaro. it was a very colorful evening.

my super dodgy photo of the london philharmonic in performance. the first set was decidedly sleepy, but it picked up royally once violinist christian tetzlaff performed. excuse the ghetto princess in me, but it truly was something like a beyonce performance. he was soooo into it and sooo good that the strings popped mid-performance. luckily he had a spare backstage. a true diva! non!?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

dodgy!?? uh oh you're starting to speak like a londoner!


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