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Friday, February 01, 2008


all obvious jokes aside...who wears house of dereon? seriously. i have yet to see it on someone in real life. i'm just asking.....(

new york - was beyonce giving us a hint with her hit song, "get me bodied!?" in the lyrics she commands that women "shake their derriers in the house of dereon." we thought she was referring to their denims or prom dresses - but she just might have meant underwear! according to womens wear daily, beyonce and her momma, tina have just inked a two-year licensing deal for undergarments and legwear.
i love this ad, featuring beyonce, her mom tina, and a photo of ( i think) her grandma. beautiful. (

stay tuned for details and photos of what these pieces will look like once they emerge. i for one am anticipating ruffled faux lace boyshorts in burgandy and gold spandex tights. you know it's coming!

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