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Thursday, February 07, 2008


world wide - okay, this is just odd on every single level. i am all about synergy and cross branding and all of that. but this? it just seems like a money grab. aston martin - known and loved for it's luxurious and super-fast cars - is now in talks with louis vuitton and gucci about developing branded merchandise. by that, i'm assuming everything from coats to socks to - ofcourse - leather bags. mercedes benz might also be brought into the fold. these items would be retailed in the europe, london and the gulf.
a vintage aston martin in a lovely spring color. (

these new developments were revealed by adham charanoglu, an executive with investment dar of kuwait. investment dar now technically "owns" the aston marin brand as they bought majority ownership from ford motor company last year. people say the gossip columns are dramatic - but i think the business pages have them beat!

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