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Monday, March 31, 2008


above the founders of the label, nana aganovich and brooke taylor. (

- hey blaynistas. i know the posting is kind of slow today. clearly it's deadline day. i literally have about five articles due - so i'm trying to grind it out. one of the pieces i'm working on mentions aganovich, a label i noticed in london and loved right away. i am on their website doing some research and came across their absolutely awesome manifestor. see it below:

The Aganovich ‘Pussy Grenade Manifesto’

Our aim is:
To be as ambitious as we are humble
To be as iconic as we are iconoclastic
To bring humour where it is least appropriate
To demand elegance where it is least welcome
To requisition style over substance
To distinguish altruism in the superficial
To find, like Proust, delight in the proscriptions of the mundane
To make of generosity a weapon
To make of kindness a ransom
To make of integrity a threat
To make greeting cards of manifestoes
To make anarchy through elegance

“If she can’t dance it’s not her revolution”


Anonymous said...

How do you pronounce Balenciaga?

Anonymous said...

BAL-in-sYA-ga if you're normal
ba-LEN-sya-ga if you're posh

I'm the former.
My friend's an aristo (the latter) and it sounds better ie: sounds like she can actually afford it.

Anonymous said...

zandile! we miss you!

Anonymous said...

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