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Monday, March 24, 2008


paris congratulates kira as she takes a bow during russian fashion week last year. something about that smile tells me paris got paid to attend this show. or am i just a cynic?

this inside of one of plastinina's stores in russia.

russia - kira plastinina. does the name ring a bell? if you are in america or the u.k, probably not. but if you are reading this from russia chances are you love (or possibly loathe her). either way, she's about to be major on the international scene. plastinina (ironic how her name is not at all catchy)is set to take the u.s by storm with 50 planned store openings this year. she is only 16 years old and is the face and designer behind her namesake label. the company launched last year and was funded by her father, who is an extremely wealthy business man in russia. her line is full of ultra feminine, hyper girlie pieces. but despite the lack of sophistication, girls are tripping over themselves to wear this label. now, so are celebs.
the word tacky doesn't do full justice to this look. this is paris in moscow during russian fashion week. i am only posting this photo because i think the pieces she's wearing are by plastinina, but i could be wrong....

paris hilton was a special guest of plastinina's show during russian fashion week last year, and now dylan's candy bar (famous mid town sweet shop started by ralph lauren's daughter) has entered into partnership with plastinina. all the stores will now have a dylan's candy bar outpost. this is a genius move on the part of plastinina and her handlers. from what i've seen her clothes are fug, but with brilliant marketing like this, i predict that the stores will be a success. the first one will be in new york city's soho and is scheduled to open shortly.

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