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Friday, March 14, 2008


the cover and a page from the photo spread accompanying it. i love it all to bits. this won't be beckham's last vogue cover. at all. i expect loads more in the future. (

new york + london - blaynistas, let's talk about the dynamic vogue covers on both sides of the pond. the u.k led off with a beauty shot of victoria beckham aka posh spice. when i first heard about it, i didn't necessarily love the move, but i understood. posh is - like it or not - a style icon. (to whom? i don't know.) after seeing the cover and the spread, i've just got to say kudos. i'm all about it. it was a brilliant move.

james and bunchden both giving much body on the vogue u.s cover. (

vogue u.s paired lebron james and gisele bunchden for it's shape issue. both personalities were very apropo copies, and photographer annie liebowitz can do no wrong (can't wait for the day she captures me on film!) BUT it would have been nice to see lebron in a more glam or adventurous get up. what he's wearing speaks to the issues theme (fair enough) but it also looks like he just stepped off the court. i haven't seen the actual spread, so perhaps they glammed him up in there...? let me know if you've seen it and what you think.

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MS Reviewer said...

I had the same commentary on my blog--very interesting. The cover should have featured him in a suit or dressy attire. Menswear designers would kill to dress the 6'8 phenomenon. I just don’t understand this untidiness of LBJ on the cover.

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