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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


all this fabulousness will be chairing "fashion fringe" in the coming year. (

london - you've heard of fashion fringe haven't you? it's a brilliant organization set up by legendary fashion writer colin mcdowell a few years back. the point and purpose of it is to discover and nurture emerging design talent in britain. the country, specifically london, has an amazing reputation for supporting it's young designers - a feat that can be attributed in part to this organization. currently tom ford sits on the board as an honorary chairman. but it was announced two days ago that donatella versace will be taking his place. she told the press, "This is an event which I have had great interest in since it began in 2004. London has an unbeatable reputation as the originator of unique fashion talent, and it is very exciting for me to be personally involved in discovering and supporting that talent through the Fashion Fringe initiative." i share her warm feelings because i, dear reader, will be attending the fashion fringe gala this evening in london. i am sure there will be a star studded line up of fashion's elite, so stay tuned for goss and pics.

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MR style said...

well it's gettin worst then !!! donatella after tom ford !!! so lame

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