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Friday, March 07, 2008


kate is already on exhibit in london. this portrait of her is currently on display at the national portrait gallery. (

former dior homme designer, hedi slimane. (

worldwide - dear readers, did you know that tomorrow is international womens day? i am not exactly sure what women of the world are to do that day, but hedi slimane ( a man!), former creative director at diore homme, has figured it out. he has taken pictures of iconic british model kate moss, in honor of the day. the photos, which were taken for french publication, liberte, will be on exhibit tomorrow in tokyo. they feature the model in a series of leisurely poses, with a cigarette in hand. the black and white portraits will also be on display in french daily, liberation. this is the perfect time to announce that after years of confusion, i finally understand why moss is regarded as a beauty. at a recent trip to the national portrait gallery in london, i saw the portrait above which captured and communicated exactly why she's lasted so long in this industry: she has a simple and sublime beauty that doesn't impose too much on the clothing/setting, but instead can mold itself to them. in other words,she's a really cute girl with a nice body.

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