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Monday, March 10, 2008


mr. hall takes a bow at the end of a recent collection. too bad this scene won't be repeated this season. (

los angeles - the question of caring is quite valid as it looks like a lot of designers actually don't. or maybe they are just broke. either way, big names in l.a fashion like kevan hall, louis verdad and petro zilla are not showing this year for a variety of reasons. the most consistent one, according to media reports, happens to be the economic recession that the u.s is currently going through. as a result only 22 designers are on schedule - the lowest since img and smashbox joined forces four years ago for a united l.a fashion week. on the bright side? fashion mega stars (i'm definitely exaggerating, but they do have a following!) nicky hilton and lauren conrad will be showing their respective collections this week. stay tuned for pics.

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