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Monday, March 10, 2008


london - so like every other fashion blogger, and fashionista in general, i love and am always inspired by the work of the sartorialist. he's the blogger whose wicked eye for capturing nattily dressed men and women has earned him international acclaim from press and public alike. i am certainly not trying to follow in his footsteps (though nothing wrong with that) but i'd like to follow in his spirit by introducing THE BLAY STYLE BOOK. it will be a regular column where i feature people whose style and charm captured me. to inaugurate this column is the ever amazing "HOUSE OF BEYOND" (i gave them that name by the way!). they are a group of london teens i saw last Friday at the Circus Circus Party in Soho. (stay tuned for a link to the story on paper magazine.) Their positive energy and outstanding style really captured me. Those of you in the know might compare them to New York City's Retro Kidz (love them by the way) - but I humbly differ. The genuine charm, enthusiasm and passion for fashion sets them apart. They weren't out for attention, or media coverage, or a record deal. They were just out for a good time. Kudos.

beyond fabulous: justyn, niyi, note and duane.

niyi crown, 19, london by way of nigeria

joel, 18, london by way of nigeria

yousef, 18, london by way of egypt

gloria, 20, london by way of nigeria

duane, 18, london by way of jamaica

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SoCkZ tHe JeDi said...

hey Zandile
its justyn from beyond (great name by the way)
thank you soooo much for creating us. Everything that we go through we will let you know and we thank you for things that will happen with us in the future

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