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Friday, March 14, 2008


this has nothing to do with japan fashion week, but still thought i'd share. it's the line up from the fall 2008 limi feu collection. it took place in paris. but do you knowwho limi feu is? she is yohji yamamoto's daughter. i love how she's following in daddy's footsteps. i like what i'm seeing above. (

tokyo - ironically, japan fashion week generally has very low attendance. the irony lies in the fact that so many designers are basically staying afloat because of the huge consumption of high end goods by the chinese market. that said, organizers are trying to attract more guests through technology. guests can now view collections from mikio sakabe, aguri sagimori , heath and others via real time videos. the screens are installed in a shopping complex in midtown tokyo. in addition any one in the area, will be able to watch the shows via mobile phones equipped wiwth 1seg tv, a digital televsion service. sounds cool. but sounds to me like it will open it up to just about everyone - and not necessarily the editors and buyers they'd want to attract...

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