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Thursday, March 20, 2008


worldwide - i gotta say, I LOVE how much my wonderful blaynistas are commenting. thanks for all your responses. i wanted to shine i light on questions asked by jessica and a fellow blaynista a few days back. essentially both wanted to know: "What type of fashion jobs pay well?"

can i hug you for asking? a friend and i were JUST having a very long and drawn out discussion on the irony of the fashion industry: many folks design, write about, and promote luxurious objects, but can't actually afford to write about it - at least not on their salary. simply put, no matter the design house, fashion magazine, or stylish p.r firm - many folks in fashion simply don't get paid a lot. based on my experience (i have to stress that part! my answer is very subjective and pertains to my own professional history and those of close friends around me) the average salary for fashion professionals generally starts at $30,000 and tops up around $75,000. that's for the rank and file, but those in the upper echelons of this industry and successful entrepreneurs in fashion are often making four times as much or more.

now i know that a lot of fashion industry professionals read this blog, so i welcome your responses and your figures. it's fun to talk about what to buy, but i am loving this dialogue on how to actually afford it. jessica and anonymous, i hope this helped. you've inspired me to talk about stuff like this in depth on this blog, so look forward to exclusives on this issue. in the meantime my dear readers, blog back on fashion industry salaries. i'd love to know your thoughts.

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