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Thursday, March 13, 2008


what a day when the tables will turn, what a day when the tables will turn: paulo melim andersson, recently fired creative director at chloe. (

paris - oh how fortunes change. where you are today has nothing to do with where you will be tomorrow. i know that from personal experience - and now, so does paulo melim andersson, (now) former creative director at chloe. he was hired in october 2006 to replace pheobe philo, only to be fired less than two years later. the powers that be at french fashion house, chloe, have now replaced him with hannah macgibbon. off the bat i love her, becauses she is an alumn of my school, central saint martins. equally important though, she's paid her dues. she spent the past five years at chloe where she was once an assistant and most recently was creative director over the fragrance launch for chloe parfum. like andersson before her, she's been plucked from relative obscurity to inherit the very fashionable thrown at chloe. she is now by default a member of fashion royalty and all eyes will definitely be on her debut collection next season. i'm happy for her, but poor andersson. my how the cookie crumbles.

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