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Thursday, March 13, 2008


this years finalists and previous winners pose with colin mcdowell and donatella, both standing in the middle. (richard young).

left, donatella with manolo blahnik!!!!!!!!! right, donatella with colin mcdowell. the london fashion scene is really something serious. this shizz is like living history.

worldwide - blaynistas, can i just say thank you!? thanks for logging on to my blog and reading everyday (for those of you that do). and if you aren't a religious reader, thanks so much for stopping by (and you should really bookmark me.) even more , i want to thank those of you who comment on the blog and give me feedback on fashion news and my general progress. it really means a lot to me. a lot of you are bloggers yourselves and know what a time commitment a daily blog is, so it is very much appreciated to know someone actually reads this. OKAY! enough with the mushy stuff. above are photos from the fashion fringe party. sorry for none of myself, but my camera is not working. i promise to sort this out asap. check out the story i wrote about it for paper magazine here. xoxoxoxo forever, zb. (p.s do you care that i am writing this while drinking vintage south african shiraz straight from the bottle in the middle of the afternoon? probably not. but just thought i'd share.)

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