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Monday, March 03, 2008


above are my favorite looks from rucci. simply beautiful. (thank you for photos)

paris - wow. i only looked at the chado ralph rucci collection out of curiosity. i had no plans on liking it (no matter what it was) let alone, posting on it. so you can imagine my surprise when i actually ended up loving it. ultimately, a lot of houses are churning out youth-focused fashion, but rucci served up a collection that was distinctly womanly and one that any age category would appreciate. by the way, if you aren't familiar with this designer, it's worth doing your research. rucci is the son of a philadelphia butcher and attended temple university. after graduating he moved to new york, got a degree at f.i.t and began an amazing career in fashion. in fact,he is the ONLY american designer to be invited oto show couture in paris. (even big wigs like ralph lauren, calvin klein or marc jacobs have not had this honor) he has also been twice nominated for the cfda designer of the year award, but has yet to win. if he continues with such stellar designs though, i am sure his day will come.

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