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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


the blay report - yesterday, one of your fellow blaynistas, MT, asked a VERY SERIOUS question - "Where can a young,straight,minority like myself find a good summer internship in the city? Where did you intern?" so this photo has NOTHING to do with the post. but just thought i'd share. it's a vintage self-portrait of me and my beloved little sister, zeba blay. i live for that girl! she's my inspiration. (zeba blay)

MT, my dear, you came to the right place. as you know, i am a published fashion writer whose work has been featured every from instyle to vibe magazines. in addition. i currently cover style and culture for the huffington post and paper magazine online. how did i get started? INTERNSHIPS. since the age of fourteen (no joke) i've interned for just about every newsletter, newspaper, radio station, and sports team that intrigued me. some of the places include vibe magazine, complex magazine, syracuse university basketball team, npr, the bergen record and - of course - seventeen magazine and instyle magazine. i won't say that it's easy to get an internship. but it's definitely not hard either. what complicates it is that YOU HAVE to distinguish yourself, something a lot of people - especially young folks - don't often know how to do. handing in a well done resume along with a solid cover letter is one way, among many. that said, at the end of the day the publishing industry lives off of interns. the truth is there are lots and lots of openings around, all you have to do is a little bit of leg work. if your resume is ready call up magazines you are intersted in (numbers are right in the magazine or on website) to inquire about the internship hiring process. OR simply go to my favorite professional site - - almost every magazine looking for an intern posts on their whisper jobs section. i just checked out the site and there are DOZENS of magazines which need them. so log on now (and then come back to the blay report). hope that helps mt. keep bringing those questions my way!

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MT said...

Thanks Zandile. You helped more than you know. I'll keep ya posted.

P.S. You two are soo cute! ;-)

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