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Thursday, April 17, 2008


so can we expect ads for diesels furniture and bed sheets to ooze the same level of sex appeal that their clothing ads do? just asking....(thanks to for this)

worldwide - first of all, let's pause and reflect on the fabulosity that is the milan furniture fair. (in future, i promise to travel to and cover this. but i digress...) diesel - the company we know and love for its denim - is now launching an "interiors collection," which will debut at the furniture fair. the line is to be called "successful living" and will include linens for bedroom, bathroom and living room. this is just the beginning. according to media reports, diesel will follow up with a furniture collection next year. in the meantime, look out for the linen product range in stores this september. to answer the question i asked in the title, i think it's fabulous. i am not necessarily a diesel aficionado, but i do love and respect how thorough and consistent they are in their image. looking forward to seeing this stuff on the market.

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