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Monday, April 14, 2008


the first look from commes des garcon's fall 2008 rtw show. (

worldwide - i am definitely starting to love commes des garcon the more i get into it. so imagine my joy when i found out that starting this fall, rei kawakubo , founder and head designer at comme, will debut a capsule collection for h&m. if you are a regular reader of this blog, you are already in the know and found out about this even though i never blogged on it. (you make me proud.) but can i share something you may not know? h&m, technically known as hennes and mauritz has been around since 1947? i just found out while researching the the kawakubo story.


Black Women in Europe said...

I missed the Lagerfield collection, passed on the Madonna collection and the Cavelli collection sold out before I could order it online. I live in a mall town in Sweden and the Cavelli collection wasn't in my local store but it sold out online in a day!

I did see a few pieces of that collection in Amsterdam but I already have D&G and Guess animal print jeans, so I didn't need a third pair.

I was in Stockholm this past weekend and got one of the wonderful, fabulous Marimekko dresses. I'll be moving to Stockolm late this summer so I'll be sure to get my hands on a few peices from the Rei Kawakubo collection.

I featured your blog in my Black Women Bloggers in Europe series today:

Anonymous said...

Can you order clothes from h&m online? If so, how?

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