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Thursday, April 17, 2008


london - it looks like sean combs is getting ready to transform himself yet again. after being a producer/sidekick, rapper, fashionista, fashion designer, fragrance designer, baby daddy, etc. he is now fully committing himself to being an actor. check out what he said to a london paper below (and for the record, i think puffy is the ultimate fashionista. i wonder if my boy kareem anglin of male style review agrees with me...)

i know very few people find puffy attractive. and its not his looks that get me, i just love that confidence, and swagger, and success, and fearlessness and of course, how he wears a 3 piece suit. congrats to him and his stylist. (

"I see myself as an entertainer. I try to model myself on the actors of old who did multiple things - they sung, they danced and they acted. I've set up the infrastructure of my various companies so I don't have to deal with the business side of things any more. I want to be considered and respected as an actor. That's my commitment."

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MS Reviewer said...

I'm in total agreement. Just feature the commandment his presence is receiving from the nearby gawkers homie!

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