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Friday, April 18, 2008


new york - so blaynistas, i have been knee deep in research for my masters program. the past few weeks have seen me immersed in (and sleeping on) various books about four designers who have always intrigued me: yves saint laurent, coco chanel, cristobal balenciaga and christian dior. in honor of the first two, i have purchased a yves saint laurent rive gauche spring blazer (pics to come) and ofcourse my new chanel bag (one of many more to come, and you already saw the pics!!). i don't know that i want to invest my money in anything by dior or balenciaga at this point, but i've surely invested my time and it's been well worth it. these designers are fascinating and have inspired me to create a new section on this site where i give a quick snap shot of the designers we know - or don't know - and love - or maybe loath. i hope you like this new column, and as always, your thoughts are appreciated. x, zb

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