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Thursday, April 24, 2008


rumer willis, in black and white, is one of the "celebs" who will be in op's new ad campaign. (

usa - so blaynista's, i'm a nice girl. warm, friendly, sincere. and honestly, when i talk about brands on this blog, i try my darndest ( darndest is a word only really nice people use as opposed to damndest used by meanies) to stay positive about them, but ocean pacific is testing me. yes, ocean pacific. have you heard of them? chances are you haven't. and chances are even slimmer that you wear it. but if you do i still love you. in any case, i digress....ocean pacific which is sold at wal-mart is rolling out an ambitious new advertising campaign which they believe will draw in lots of customers. it includes rumer willis, wilmer valderrama (isn't this a down grade?), christina milian, kristin cavallari, josie maran, pete wentz and corbin bleu. wow. this isn't enough to convince me to flip through op's look book, let alone buy the pieces. but you know what would? well made, quality garments that will last me season in and season out. why don't companies try more of that instead?

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