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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


posh, presumably in her own label, dvb poses at the launch. (

los angeles - rumors have been rampant, that popular los angeles boutique kitson was dropping dvb , the clothing label created and designed by victoria beckham. but apparently not. owner, fraser ross, recently said: "...kitson is extremely proud to be selling dvb by victoria beckham. we are fully committed to the dvb collection and our customers and victoria's fans ask for it daily. i've seen next season's collection and i can't wait to get it in store, especially the new dvb men's collection launching this september." so what do you think? something about this comment sounds a touch too effusive. and as with ms. posh herself, i don't know whether to laugh or applaud....


Anonymous said...

I highly doubt there are people asking for her line daily. I give her props because she is a fashion icon, but when it comes to "designing" for her clothing line she lacks creativity.

Jaiden_James said...

I guess its the same as usual just people hating on Victoria Beckham

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