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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


london - eighty-six-thousand-three-hundred-and-fourty-two apologies for yesterday. truth be told, i was in a bit of a lazy mood. my friend, india-jewel of is coming to visit and between getting ready for her and getting ready for an event, i let time get away from me. but i'm back! aren't you thrilled? not that you asked, but (lack of blogging aside) i had a great day yesterday. i had a super productive meeting with my prof in the a.m, and in the evenining attended a hugo boss event with my mate valentina. that's her and i above. please get into her yves saint laurent brown suede ankle-lengthy jacket. and also get into the vintage chanel purse she was carrying. it's circa 1968, when coco herself was alive. i was too busy trying to steal it to take a picture. sigh!
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