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Friday, May 30, 2008


worldwide - i'm starting to get really intrigued by how much copying goes on at high street stores. thank god for which keeps supplying me with photos to prove the point.'s one thing to be inspired by the work of luxury , high end brands, but the pictures below just take the piss. see what brands are borrowing - a little too heavily - from others.

so.....the dress to the right is the original by diane von furstenberg. next to it is a copy cat version from - gasp! - calvin klein.

on the left miu miu. on the right forever 21 (they are pros at copying!)

on the left, dior and on the right steve madden.


Keesean said...

this post is so on point,
it reminds me of the speech Meryl Streep gave her assistant in the Devil Wears Prada about the long list of High Fashion influences that produced her lumpy cerulean sweater.
I guess those are the consequences for fashion being the most mainstream for of artistic expression. I wanna see someone try to copy the crazy fabulousness at Balenciaga

Samantha Smikle said...

steve madden did a better job on those shoes! want 'em!

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