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Thursday, May 08, 2008


me and henry. very rarely do i switch into groupie mode when i interview designers - but jus this once, i had to ask for a pic. this was taken by p.r queen mandi lennard of ml publicity in london. good job girl!
london - excuse the braggadacio, but my blaynistas, i can't help it. do you see who i'm with!? the it-kid of fashion, the tartan titan, the dandy of deyn - henry holland! i interviewed him last night at london hot spot movida. you will see the story later on in paper magazine online, so stay tuned for the link. clearly i am back in london and this is not the only high light of my past two days. stay tuned and read on. b.t.w I MISS YOU GUYS terribly. hugs to jayden james, one of my fave readers who i bumped into at the party as well. he has a FAB clothing line i never knew about. can we interview you for deets jayden?!!!


Lerieluvlie said...

hiya, i'm so jealous of this picture with henners. I was at his fash bash party at movida last night, just waking up actually with a strawberry martini filled hangover. NOT SEXY! I love your blog, actually my friend Anna who is also your friend told me to check out your blog. Loves it! Check mine out please.

Jaiden_James said...

Hey was nice to meet you and yea of course iam up for an interview xox


hey lerieluvlie!!! checked out your blog and LOVE IT!!!!! we should link eachother! i'll be sure to add yours to my list by end of day!!! thanks so much for reading and i am going to stay on top of ur blog too. xo! :-) jaiden, i will email you soon about an interview.

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