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Monday, May 12, 2008


outside dover street market in london - a stop for all serious fashionistas who visit , or live, in london. full disclosure: i have yet to visit. but i definitely will this week!

a photo of the designer, coco chanel. keep in mind that she is approaching her early fifties in this shot. she - like her classic suits - aged really well.

london - blaynistas, over the past few weeks i have spent many a pretty penny for my chanel bag (wondering why i got a black leather over an in season metallic one though) and my chanel ballet flats (here too wondering why i got those instead of those brilliant chanel thong sandals) but now, i see why!!!! despite being around since the 1910 when gabrielle "coco" chanel started selling hats - there is nothing at all mumsy about chanel. the brand and designers behind it always seem to display a keen sense of vision that at once underscores its place as one of the key couture and luxury houses in the world - and yet transcends it. case in point: chanel is launching a store-in-store within dover street market. anyone who has seen a tommy hilfiger section within macy's or a vuitton section within saks fifth avenue gets the concept. its not unique. but for a brand like chanel to be doing it at dover street market is simply brilliant! dvm as it's called in london (or maybe only on its website!?) is a very fashion forward/edgy store that stocks brands like commes des garcon, alaia, etc. chanel shoes and clothing from the paris-londres collection, as well as regular collection pieces will be sold at dover street market from june 9 until the 26. as far as i know this is the first time chanel will be stocked/sold there and i hope it won't be the last.

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