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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


london - as you may/may not have read model of the moment agyness deyn has been dropped by burberry for their upcoming fall campaign. i read a catty quote from burberry's go-to campaign photog: mario testino who claimed it was because deyn was "overexposed." he's since backpedaled from that comment saying: " Agyness' fame and exposure are not a problem for me. I don't think like that . . . As for Burberry, it was just a case of wanting a different concept for their forthcoming season. I love Agyness." hmmmm sounds like the p.r. department got to him. either way though.....i am sort of glad. i for one do think she's overexposed. she is a great model and has a great look and if she's really to be around for the long haul (ala the kate's and naomi's of the world) i'd love to see how she bounces back from this.

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