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Thursday, May 22, 2008


i would honestly date him - and i think so would iman. she, and another pretty lady, pose with socol. 

howard, on the far right, next to donatella versace. loves it.

new  york - this is old news but thought i'd share anyway....chances are you don't know who howard socol is, but if you know the store barney's new york, then you have him to thank. socol was the head executive at the retailer and the lead catalyst in the rejuvination of the brand. he's been on board since 2001 and stayed through the company's latest purchase by dubai based investment firm, istithmar. now he's quitting and i guess that's a surprise to no one in the industry. allegedly, the aggressive expansion plans put in place by the new owners - not to mention a collaboration with mass retailer, target - is one of several major and minor reasons that have forced socol to leave the company way in advance of his planned departure (which was to be next year). his statement to the press about this is hilarious simply because it thinly veils his frustration. here it is: "after more than seven of the greatest years of my long career in retail, i felt it was time to take time to enjoy all the opportunities that life affords."  in other words, these bums are not going to waste my precious time.  go socol! 

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