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Tuesday, May 13, 2008






- please forgive me if i come off as a peasant, but yes, i have been in london for several months and am JUST getting into liberty of london. the store is legendary and has been in existence in carnaby square (right behind super busy oxford road/oxford circus) since the 1800s. i constantly read about it, but had never made the treck there. yesterday, on my way to check out the sex in the city premier (see below) i decided to make a stop and wow, was it worth it. the briliiance of liberty is twofold: first and foremost they really do stock the most amazing and quality collections across all categories. they had everything from the most luxurious, leather bound italian notebooks to vintage chanel couture and tons and tons and tons of dries van norten to martin margiehla. second is the way the store is set up. it has several floors built around a "courtyard" of sorts. so from any given floor, you can look straight down to see the lobby or right across to see the other side of the floor. it looks as though they've pretty much kept the layout of the store from the very beginning. i loved it. i am sure many of my london blaynista's have checked out the shop and live for it, but if you haven't, it's worth a visit.
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