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Thursday, May 22, 2008


the many faces of our new patron saint of the red carpet, gwyneth paltrow. (

worldwide - honestly, it's been insane. i used to barely pay attention to gwyneth paltrow. she just did not thrill me. not a bit. but lately - my goodness. day after day sees in her headline after headline in striking gowns. no, they are not always beautiful but they always celebrate fash-on! (rhymes with lanvin, pronounced lahn-vaugn). weather in balcenciaga or dior or vuitton, she's really taking effortless style to new - dizzying -heights. i hate to gush and trust me, i NEVER thought i'd be gushing over gwinnie. but she deserves it. or rather, her stylists do. reported that stylists maria serra and anna bingemann are the secret duo behind gwyneth's amazing style. kudos to you and your assistants' girls! 

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