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Monday, June 16, 2008


new york - i know! i must sound mad. but i am definitely growing couture crazy out here in london. i haven't been this excited about something since my parents told me i a was moving to america from africa sixteen years ago. maybe i'm over exaggerating but...alber elbaz gave the press a first look at lanvin's upcoming collaboration with acne jeans. honestly, acne is a cool label , but damn this is such a coup for them. in my opinion, i think acne earns a lot more in cool points and cache from this collaboration than lanvin. but chances are lanvin get's the cash and that's prolly all that matters. that said though, the photos above show how chic this denim range will be. according to, jeans will retail for between $550 to $650. outerwear $1,200 to $1600 and jewelry and bags upwards of $1500. prices like these make you want to strip to afford them. or is that just me?

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Keesean said...

i know how you feel Z
i wish he made men's denim too lol

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