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Friday, June 13, 2008


me and designer henry holland. please, please get into my yves saint laurent rive gauche blazer. she is a classic.

that is the fabulous arieta to my left. she is the press manager for river island, one of london's - actually - the u.k's largest high street stores.

these two just got added to my favorite people list: stylist ann look and journalist fabio immediato. met them during graduate fashion week and instantly fell in love.

maria is a fellow journalist and one of the few people who understands how partying is actually work. between sips of champagne and bites of mini-burgers, we were running around the london graduate fashion week after party interviewing folks and taking pics. loved hanging out with you doll!

london - ohmygah! so i just realized that every time i "come back" to blogging it's with a huge photo of henry holland. the london designer has become a regular aquaintance of mine since i am always covering every move he makes. the latest move was as a presenter at london's graduate fashion week. blaynista's what a week it was. i was totally, totally blown away by the work these students did. the photos above are from the last day of the event. river island, which sponsored the show, organized a nice get together of drinks and bites for guests.....but i digress...the point is I MISS YOU GUYS! i really do. even though i wasn't actually blogging, there were several points through out this week where i was making up posts in my mind and thinking of things to tell you. i'm glad to be back and will be posting furiously today and tomorrow so you are in for a fash-news-round-up treat. XO!zb

update: you can check out my coverage of the weekend online at aol styledash.
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::Fashion Frenzy:: said...

Glad to have you back, Blay! I'll check out AOL StyleDash, for sure. =)

Keesean said...

i live for you in that jacket. FLAWLESS VICTORY!

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