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Monday, June 16, 2008


models promoting victoria's secret "pink" clothing. it looks good here. but i promise you when you see it on city sidewalks one too many times, it just reads sloppy.

usa - lazy dressers of the world - rejoice! victoria's secret - whose  line of "pink university" sweat shirts and hoodies  is ultra popular (on and off campuses) -  is set to heighten the frenzy for the sloppy-chic threads. according to women's wear daily, they have reached a licensing deal with several american colleges including harvard, boston college and texas a&m. the new line of "pink" clothes will incorporate logos from these schools and will sell the range on campus.  i won't lie. it's a brilliant marketing step. but i cringe at the avalanche of cut-off sweats and ugg boots that getting ready to hit these schools. 


sgp said...

I just got back from LA and yes Women do wear Uggs In the summer with mini dresses...

Courtney said...

i love PINK but yes girls are wearing this clothing in forms we have never seen but it's cute, fun, girly, and not like Abercrombie or Hollister (no offense to fans) that only just make the clothes to get out the brand name. I give PINK five stars.

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