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Friday, July 11, 2008


new york - so have you heard of martin and osa? if not, you need to log on to their website asap (after finishing your daily dose of the blay report, of course!) their website is i found about about this chic new retailer (owned by the same folks as american eagle) through my girls at, a few months back, martin and osa organized the cutest shin dig to promote their store and their signature item: cashmere sweaters.

we all know that many high street retailers are marketing low cost cashmere at the moment, so i couldn't imagine what was particularly exciting about martin and osa's product - until i tried it on. i fell in instant love once i slipped into the extra silky cashmere cardigan they had us try on. (below, left is a pic of the sweaters lined on the rack at the event. thanks to www.allieiswired for pic.) after browsing through black, gray and cream versions, i decided to settle on basic black. and boy am i happy with my decision. in the time since i've come to LOVE my martin and osa cashmere sweater for the following reasons:

a) soft fabric - just feeling this lux cashmere on my skin gives me an instant understanding on why the fashion world is such a slave to this fabric.

b) perfect fit - OHMYGAH! i was a bit worried about picking up a small. i am not a hefty girl, but really a medium would have done me just fine. luckily this size worked out beautifully and the cardigan hugs my body like a glove.

c) rich color - the first one i have is black - and i am actually getting a second one in a rich red. i've had the sweater for months now and wear it on an almost daily basis. the color has yet to fade.

d)durability - from stuffing it like a ball in my chanel, or tossing it carelessly about the house ( a dainty girl i am not) this sweater takes a licking and keeps on ticking. when i put it back on it feels great.

e) all purpose - does that fit the same category as above? none the less, its worth mentioning because it is currently 80 degrees Fahrenheit in new york and i am still wearing the sweater. it's perfect for the mornings when it's a bit chill, but then you can pack it up in your tiniest purse while you are on the go and then put it back on again in the evening when the weather cools down.

if you want your own fabulous cashmere from martin and osa, log on to they cost $128 USD each, and deliver all over the world. trust me, it is beyond worth the investment.


MR style said...

oh yes cardigans are so fab and essential !!

Anonymous said...

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