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Friday, July 11, 2008


london - anyone one who's been in london for more than five minutes knows this a: fry-ups (eggs, baked beans, tomatoes and greasy sausage) sound nasty, but they are maaadddd good and b) "new-wave" designers like christopher kane, (far left) erdem (left) and marios schwab (below right) are kings. personally, i can't imagine a race or competition they can't win...nor can britain's fashion industry. the british fashion council has announced christopher kane, erdem, marios schwab and roksanda ilincic (above, left) as winners of the annual fashion award. this is the firt for kane, erdem and schwab, but the second for ilinicic. what this means is that each designer gets a nice check towards the production of their runway show during london fashion week which starts this september. in an interview, hilary riva, ceo of the british fashion council said, "this season's winners already have an international reputation giving them a firm platform to develop their business and into influential fashion brands." now if only they would hand out sponsorships to help freelance fashion writers develop their writing into a ridiculously profitable career....just saying...

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Anonymous said...

Marios Schwab is King of Kings, So inspirational.

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