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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


inside a mango store in kuwait. (thank you for all the pics.)

lebanese designer zuhair murad who has been tapped to design clothes for mango's iraq debut.

women in the city of baghdad in iraq in traditional gear.

iraq - i'm just saying. there is crazy and then there is crazy like a fox. please tell me which one you think mango's is. as you may or may not know mango's is the spain based retailers which are rapidly expanding across europe, the americas and the middle east. their iraq store which execs say will open "very soon," will be based in abril, in the city of abril in the kurdish region of the country. it looks like this will be a culturally aware initiative as they have hired a lebanese designer, zuhair murad, to tailor mango's regular merchandise to meet that of the population. already they have 1,144 stores across the world and 84 in the middle east in cities like dubai, bahrain and kuwait.

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Camille Acey said...

Nuts? Women in Iraq don't deserve stores or fashionable clothes? It is well known that women in countries like Saudi Arabia and Dubai are AVID shoppers with a big interest in fashion. I don't think that title was appropriate AT ALL.

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