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Monday, July 21, 2008


new york - dear blaynista! tell me i am NOT the only one obsessed with david yurman jewelry! although i have yet to own anything from his collection, i have always admired the pieces from afar. now yurman is lending his trademark aesthetic to the eyewear category with his new venture: david yurman glasses. to celebrate this new range, yurman personally hosted an event for fashion editors last week on the rooftop of his new york city office. (i am sure my invite slipped through the mail...) this is an interesting expansion project. personally, i would have assumed that a fragrance would have come before an eyewear range. but what do i know...?


Anonymous said...

I'm liking the David Yurman glasses. They're not too huge like Stunna Shades. And they're a refreshing change from Wayferers.

Anonymous said...

If im not mistaken.. David Yurman does have fragrances, not sure if its mens or womens but they got something..

-Sir Charles

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yurman just launched a woman's fragrance sometime within the past couple months. I got a whiff of it at the Madison Avenue store. I love it, although make sure not to spray too much. And it's pricy, $120 (i think) for the smaller bottle, so I didn't buy it then. But I do plan on going back or ordering it from the website now that I've gotten positive feedback.

Can't wait to try the sunglasses. I am really picky with eyeware and I'm not into big adornments on the temples, which seems to be the "thing" lately. So hopefully they'll have a wide variety of sizes and shapes. I'm digging the pair that Kate Moss is wearing and the round pair in left picture.

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