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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Supermodel Liya Kebede's "Lemlem" Bringing Ethiophian Handwork to the West

pic of Liya Kebede and daughte
r--too cute!!!


Lemlem which means to bloom or flourish in Amharic, is the name of its supermodel, actress, and UN ambassador, Liya Kebede launched last February...

the mother of two dedicated her Ethiopian handwoven line for children as young as 3 months to 10 years old in hopes to preserve her country's ancient African art form of hand spinning of cotton, intricate embroidery, and hand weaving ...

just too adorable!

Celebs Mary Louis Parker and Veronica Webb are also fans of this line, which is sold at US Retailers Barney's, Calyspo, and Scoop among many others...they are now available internationally as well as in Italy, Spain, and Tokyo

Check the peices from Spring 2008 collection...


the price range is only $68 and $210...can you believe that? orginal, adorable, hand-woven pieces.

the fall 2008 collection will be available in stores September first
the spring 2008 collection is lined up in appear in New York and London Bubble Shows (the kids trade shows)


the clothes are "unique, playful and modern"...doesn't those words remind you of your little adorable nephew or neice...

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