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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


new york - i gotta tell you, i really don't blog much about this company, but i totally love them. zac posen, the label of choice for young socialites in new york city, is going through changes. luckily it's not the firing and rehiring of designers (which seems to be par for the course these days in fashion.) instead it's the hiring of a new c.e.o of the company. her name is laura o'connor and she will actually be pulling double duty as both c.e.o of the company and president. she starts on august 4th, replacing both susan posen current c.e.o of the company and barry miguel, former president. good luck laura! p.s. please get into the zac posen doll on the left. it is part of a $300 barbie and ken doll set that debuted two years ago. wow. and yes - the ken doll was meant to look like zac. it this hot or not?

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Chic Noir said...

Diddy is a major backer of Posen's company.

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