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Monday, August 04, 2008


worldwide - so i am starting to become extremely anti-swarovski (unless they want to pay for the remainder of my college education.) here's why: for some reason this swarovski is becoming short hand for high end. whenever denim brands, or make up companies slap these man-made crystals on products they seem to think the product is now automatically chic , or at least market it that way. the latest victim of this train of thought is fillico luxury spring water. this company, which retails bottled water, is selling each bottle for $100 usd a piece. the only difference between this and your bottle of poland spring? a fancy bottle which is topped by a swarovski crystal cap. oh, and the name is carved on the bottle with gold paint. and the head crack? only 5,000 bottles are made each year. can someone please spell out lame on a postcard, with swarovski crystals of course, and send it to these people?

1 comment:

Beauty Confessional said...

LOL its true, 100 dollars for bottle water. Just becuase its in a pretty bottle, thats outrageous REALLY REALLY OUTRAGEOUS!!!!


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