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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


worldwide - so check out these pics of mark, samantha and charlotte ronson in the september issue of american harper's bazaar. as you can see, it is based on the characters in the royal tennenbaum's. it's novel to see samantha ronson (lindsay lohan's main squeeze) in a sort of feminine outfit. kudos to the stylist. what do you think of it?



Camille Acey said...

Thanks for posting these. What a fantastic idea! I only wonder why they didnt add the Dexter-Jones kids in, Alex and Annabelle are so good looking!

Chic Noir said...

They have another two siblings from their mom's second marriage. Mom is a lil petite thing after having all those kids.

*See Camille's comment*
never mind.

Camille Acey said...

@chic - not to go on and on but there are two more from the mom's second marriage, but there are (i think) even more from the real dad's second marriage. these three have a BIG family.

Chic Noir said...

@camille - thanks, cause I could sworn I saw a few more of that family at some party. I think they must have a large family like River,Rain and Ykeam(tp) Phonex family.

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