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Thursday, October 09, 2008


www - maybe, this post is exclusively for people like me whose entire wardrobe consists of leggins, tees, and cardigans from american apparel. its not that i love the brand. instead its that i appreciate easy comfort and sultry silhouettes but can't -yet- pony up the cash or more adult lines like norma kamali and donna karan, who work in a much more sophisticated way with jersey. but i point is, there's another lovely line that is now giving legging lovers like myself options. can you guess which one? members only! i know - i thought the same thing you are thinking. its not just about their bomber jackets any more (which are back on the market.) now its about their poured on liquid leggings and sexy velour leggings. celebs like rihanna, nikki hilton and fergie are already fans. the genius behind the revived interest is former fashion editor kelli delaney who left the editorial world (she was fashion editor at mags like allure, us weekly and glamour) to be creative director of the brand. she's done good. i love this stuff. log on to to see more merch.

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