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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beyonce is...Sasha Fierce in V Magazine

beyowulf, baby. why do you make it so hard? why do you make it so hard to defend you from the haters who say you're overexposed and crazy? i mean, clearly, they just don't get it. you are fierce. sasha fierce, even. but then...things like the recent V magazine spread come out and i find myself wondering if i really do think you're fierce or if that is just years of conditioning. some shots are breathtaking and some are...confusing?no shade, but in some of these pix you're giving me tyra banks in full-on psycho mode! still fabulous, though. always fabulous.

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Camille Acey said...

Wow, she's not a very good model.

knowthespot said...

in an attempt to come across pseudo academic, i will say the following.

1, yes, she is over exposed.
2, but quantity vs quality.
3. we are a generation who grew up with idols.. pop stars on pedestals... and yet today... so much wackness.
we don't need pedestals... because there are 500 million more options to choose from.. that everyone gets a little love.

and yet... we still want a chosen one... as our childhood conditioned us to believe... and with all the wackness... the one hit girls.. the studio act girls.. the girls with lots of make up and extensions who look hella average...and sound hella average.. we choose yonce... as our chosen one.

cause, truth, who else could there be...?

*longgg silent pause*

love the girl.
her latest videos, fierce.

V magazine... is part to blame..
a lot of their spreads comes across a bit.. non important... superficial .. glossy mag fashion with a capital F!

uncomfortable images of girls in model poses.. when they shouldn't be!

230 am.. eyes burning from screen.
your layout! ahHH!


WOOOOOORRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!knowthespot, whoever you are, I LIVED for your commentary. sounded like spoken word. i could almost here the finger snaps in the background. yet and still, i live for beyonce knowles.

Kjen said...

LOL! I've defended B myself on other blogs. But I am glad you created a space where a stan can admit their...doubt of Beyonce's deserved popularity and exposure.

As far as her outfits. Hey, this is what happens when you've been in the spotlight for over 10 years. You become - a little out of touch with the ordinary. Just see Micheal J., and R. Kelly's costume changes over the years.

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