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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Goodbye, Anna?

new york - when you think "Vogue," 9 times out ten you will probably also think "anna wintour." the fashion legend has been at the helm of vogue magazine since 1971, and she also oversees teen vogue, and the now defunct fashion rocks and men's vogue. but her contract with condé nast expires this year, and some in the industry are hinting that anna will not be renewing it. apparently, insiders say that anna, 59, is burnt out and ready for retirement. she's been running the magazine for twenty years, but maybe she's ready to hand over the torch to someone new? afterall, it was former vogue editor grace mirabella who also left her post at the age of 59, allowing for anna's big takeover. but then, this might all be just hearsay...

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Chic Noir said...

Carine said she doesn't want the job but I would so like for her to take it. If not Carine then the editor of Italian Vogue should come along.

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