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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Man Skirt

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new york - it's a trend that has its fans and its haters: the man skirt. marc jacobs has been spotted around town wearing one, and these past few seasons they have been a staple on at least several designers' runways. barney's already offers manskirts in their stores, but many high-end department stores are hesitant to take them on. bloomingdales director kevin harter has been quoted on saying that he doesn't think "a skirt for men will ever end up in bloomingdale's." what do you think? yea or nay?

photo courtesy of the sartorialist

photo courtesy of the sartorialist


Shell said...

If the man has great legs, why not. I love that you have the pronunciation for the designers. It's nothing worst to hear someone say a designer's name wrong and act like they know what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

HELL NAW!!!! lol....


Anonymous said...

I like what Shell said, though I personally wouldn't care what a guy's legs look like, Mostley because I Hope that women will approve of men wearring something besides pants, Confinning, Uncomfortable, and so on, It just seems nuts to be restricted because of what society has become accustomed to seeing and understanding as Gender spicific clothing, Regardless of the fact that pants don't make sence for the male anatomy.

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