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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


dear you,
guess what!? may of 2009 will mark four years for the blayreport. i pride myself on knowing most of my readers, or at least being connected to them whether you are colleagues of mine in the fashion/media industry, mates from london, classmates/tutor at saint martins, or dear friends from africa.i want to thank you from the bottom of my chanel loving heart for reading my lil 'ol blog every single day. i know it's not always the greatest - but it's always earnest and done with a love for news, fashion, and you.  i'm commmited to making 2009 the strongest year for the blay report and plan to debut a new look, our first event, and some reader giveaways. to accomplish any of this, i'll definitely need your continued readership and support. so keep checking in, keep commenting, and keep writing me at i heart you like a shark gray chanel 2.5 quilted purse. xo, zb

photo: i'm def not partying tonite, but thought it would be appropriate to post my fave party pic of the year. that's me falling down and laughing about it at paper magazine's annual nightlife award party!

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