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Monday, December 29, 2008


germany - as i was posting this, i was wondering: will my readers even care? hugo boss is an odd label. it's one we ( specifically east coast, u.s based fashionistas 35 and under) fondly remember as an aspirational brand from the 90s. yet in recent times, it's totally lost me. i can appreciate some of the key, stand out pieces they produce (case in point, amazing elbow-length driving gloves which my friend, vibe magazines associate market editor, janelle grimmond showed me)  but over all, their clothes and accessories - although well made - seem bland at best and poser-ish at worst. am i being too hard? what are your thoughts? but really, i digress....moving on to the news: hans fluri, currently the c.o.o of hugo boss will be stepping down on march 31st. he is moving on to become the chairman of Red & Black Lux S.à r.l. on april first. red & black is the parent company of valentino. his replacement is Klaus-Gerhard Bierbrauer who was previously with the gucci group.
photo: add for hugo boss eyewear,

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