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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


blaynistas, i have fallen in love precious few times in my life. well, we’re going to have to add another lucky candidate to the short list. that’s because today is the day I cracked open the new G1 phone, a birthday treat to myself. this phone lives up to the hype! but instead of going on and on gushing about it let me give you some concrete reasons why:

1. Looks
it definitely wasn’t love at first sight. i thought the phone looked chunky and clunky. but the more i used it the more i grew to appreciate the combo of a quirky keyboard and touch screen. i also love using the phone in either portrait or horizon view. better still, it fits easily into my roomy chanel tote or my mini lockheart clutch.

2. Functionality
oh. my. god. that’s really all i have to say but i will elaborate for your sake. it’s been pure heaven having my Google calendar, Google contacts and Google email regularly available on this phone. all i had to do was sign into my Google log in on this phone and that was that. there was no additional data entry as all my Google information immediately uploaded. if you are a Google fan you’ll be a G1 phone stan!

3. Durability
i am notorious for dropping expensive electronics, and unfortunately this phone is no different. Luckily, it’s as tough as they come. And has withstood scratches, scrapes, and drops.

4. Highlights

i have two words: Shop Savvy. this is just one of a myriad of programs available on the phone that help with every aspect of your life. the phone is not just a phone - but a little personal assistant!

My final analysis?
this phone is not worth the hype - it’s better than the hype.

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Anonymous said...

More enthusiasim over the phone than tory burch huh.. who would of thought women get into gadgets more when shoes.. lol..

S. Charles

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