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Monday, December 29, 2008


gstaad  - after aspen, paris, milan and hong kong, moncler is still on its tour of world wide retail domination: it's opened yet another store. this time, the destination is in gstaad, a glitzy, ski haven nestled in the alps. like the other locations before it, this store won't be short of wealthy v.i.p's with loads of cash to splurge on luxurious moncler coats (including my personal favorite the gamme rouge collection.) which attracts loads of wealthy v.i.p's. the store. besides sumptuous coats, shoppers will have sumptuous decor to look at. the floor is made of blue stone, and the ceilings and walls are made of pinewood. the decor is described as "haute montagne."  here's what moncler creative director, remo ruffini, had to say about everything, "Moncler is currently living a very important moment of expansion and the programme of store openings is moving along at a fast pace. The opening of the Gstaad boutique, a few days after those of Aspen and Hong Kong, testifies to the attention that we are putting into the implementation of our expansion strategy."  thanks to my girl gina of c&m media for sending this my way.

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